Sandqvist's Wallet Range

Using ethically sourced full-grain Scandinavian leather which is then dyed using aniline dye, Sandqvist has amazing high-end men's wallet and cardholder options. Including items such as the Fred, Manfred and Bim cardholders, to name a few. As the focus is very heavily towards sustainability, the colour range you can find are all earth tones.

Sandqvists bum bags and briefcases also use the sustainable full grain leather as well as organic cotton and a recycled polyester mix.

The organic cotton is sourced from an area in India called Adilabad. Working directly with the farmers in the area, they can ensure that no chemical pesticides or genetically modified crops are used, ensuring only the best quality wallets for women and men alike.

Ethically Made Leather Wallets

The Leather Working Group (LWG) are the certified suppliers of ethical leather in India. They have members that include brands, traders, tanners and suppliers of sustainable and ethical leather. This means that any leather wallet or product you purchase from Sandqvist was made using the utmost love and care.

Sandqvist makes sure that all materials are of the best quality, and regularly visits the suppliers to ensure fair working conditions and always strives to improve working conditions. The Fair Wear Foundation ensures that everyone is treated fairly.

While there is no exact description for a travel wallet, Sandqvist offers a range of bum bags as well as the Ola and Sam bag, which can be used to safely and securely keep any travel documents you may have.

With a focus on creating wallets and items that are functional as well as modern, you can be certain to find something on the site that you didn't know you needed.


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