Sandqvist believes that sustainable development can only be achieved if we all take responsibility for solving the challenges the world is facing. We as a company have a great responsibility for the products that are manufactured, but also that our customers have a responsibility for how they are consumed and taken care of. We believe that our bags can be part of a sustainable lifestyle and we want to inspire our customers to contribute to that.

What can you as a customer do?


- Don't buy things you don't need! Pause, make informed buying decisions and only buy things that you will really use and love for a long time.


- Don't let your products experience the inside of your wardrobe! Keep in mind that the best way for you as a customer to reduce a product's environmental and social costs is to use it often over a long period of time.


- Our bags are designed to last a long time, but sometimes they need a little extra care. Which type of care depends on the material of the bag. Therefore, we have compiled some guidance on some common products that you can use.
If any part should wear out, you also have the option of returning your bag to one of our stores for professional repair with original parts.


- Make sure your bag ends up with someone else when you no longer need it (or at least not in the bin)! From an environmental perspective, it is better to sell your bag via some physical or digital second-hand platform than to recycle it. Find the channel that suits you best (or contact us and we can suggest some)!


- Take the chance to experience something new! We are inspired by our Nordic landscapes and want to encourage everyone to experience its beauty in different ways, whether it's cycling to work or taking a break in a nature. By appreciating nature, we can take a joint responsibility for taking care of it in the best way.

Are you with us?

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