20 years of Nordic Landscapes: Sandqvist at Helags

2024 is a special year for us, as we’re celebrating 20 years of Nordic landscapes. Ever since Sandqvist was founded in 2004, exploring the outdoors together as a team has been an essential part of our company culture.Partly because we simply love to spend time adventuring, but also because we strongly believe that deepening our connection to nature means that it’s easier to collectively commit to its preservation. On our latest trip together, we went to Härjedalen to explore Helags, the highest peak among the Swedish mountains south of the Arctic Circle.

“Our trip to Helags was fantastic! Reaching the top was more challenging than I thought, but we encouraged each other and that made it easier. It was a very nice experience for us as a team. My favourite memory from the trip will forever be our moonlit swim in the river.”

Åsa Friberg, Customer Service

” Hiking and spending time with colleagues at Helags was fantastic. The hike through the mountain birch forest in autumn colors and further up to the bare mountain is magical. Just in time for the summit trek on the second day, we got sub-zero temperatures and a gentle snowfall. ”

Daniel Sandqvist, Co-founder

” I’m a city boy from London. Growing up, I always loved nature, but the bustling streets and concrete buildings never allowed me to truly explore it. When I moved to Sweden, I found the inspiration to make a change. Going to Helags was my first mountain hiking trip. I immersed myself in the beauty of Swedish nature and now have a deeper appreciation for the wonders of nature.”

Imad Rabhi, Area Sales Manager, Scandinavia

"What a magnificent landscape we have in Sweden. It's an awakening to how beautiful and fragile the world we live in is – and to the need to take care of our wild animals and nature. That was truly the feeling I had throughout the entire hike at Helags.”

Helga Winkler, accountant


Elevation: Helags has a peak that reaches 1,797 meters (5,892 feet) above sea level, making it the highest point in Sweden south of the Arctic Circle.

Glacier: Helags hosts Sweden's southernmost glacier. This is especially noteworthy because of its unique position and the global concerns about how climate change is affecting glaciers.

Natural Habitat: The area around Helags is home to diverse wildlife, including Arctic foxes, and offers some of the most breathtaking views of the mountainside. During summer, there are lots of wildflowers to enjoy and watching the bright colors during fall is a spectacular experience.

How to get there: The Helags Mountain Station is the perfect base when you want to explore the mountain. Getting there is an easy day trip. You'll need a good set of hiking apparel since the station has a restaurant, as well as rooms for the night. After a day of hiking or skiing, you can also enjoy the sauna.

Cultural Significance: The mountain station is situated in an area known for reindeer herding, an important cultural and economic activity in the region.

A Sacred Mountain: The name Helags, or Maajåelkie in South Sami, derives from the Old Norse word which means 'sacred'.


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