Carl Oliver Ander
West coast moments

Images of the Bohuslän archipelago located on the Swedish west coast, captured by photographer Carl Ander.

Where did you grow up and what got you into photography?

I was born in Lidköping in 1991. As a kid, my dad used to take me to football games. There I got curious on the photographers with big tele lenses around the pitch. I got jealous of their position so close to the action. I also heard that they would meet the players (at that time - my idols) after the game for interviews. I understood that a camera could be that ticket in to interesting contexts.

15 years old I turned my parents basements into an analogue lab and started to take on assignments from the local newspaper. The work I did there got me into photography studies at Fotoskolan Göteborg between 2010-2012. After a few years of assisting I went back to school to study for a BFA in photography from the Valand Academy. I finished in 2018 and have since then worked full time with commissions and personal work from my studio in Gothenburg.

What gets you inspired?

Seeing other peoples work. Not only photographers but artists working with imagery in general. Whenever I need an extra boost in creativity I try to read books reflecting on the medium of photography, by authors such as Vilém Flusser, László Moholy-Nagy, and Gyorgy Kepes.

What is your connection with the west coast?

Although I didn't grew up in the area, I’ve embraced it since moving to Gothenburg. It’s conveniently close to the archipelago with a lot if islands and nature reserves to experience. On a hot summer day - being able to go by bike to the ocean and spend the day lying on a smooth granite rock and cooling off with a swim every now and then is a luxurious feeling.

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